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High-Quality Basement Exterior Waterproofing Since 1995

N B Enterprises offers basement exterior waterproofing to communities in Cleveland, OH, and throughout Cuyahoga County and eastern Lorain County, OH. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as sewer cameras, snakes, and mini excavators with rubber tracks, our methods are guaranteed to work. We are proud to help homeowners protect their investment by educating them on the benefits of exterior basement waterproofing.

Exterior vs. Interior Basement Waterproofing

Whether it’s a repair job or a precautionary project to provide peace of mind, waterproofing your basement exterior is your best bet. Exterior waterproofing delivers undeniable, long-term benefits. However, interior waterproofing only masks it.

Potentially, issues may arise from clogged pipes, poor drainage, tree roots, or cracks in your home’s foundation, which can lead to structural issues and deterioration. Exterior waterproofing can protect your home from these problems, whereas interior waterproofing does not provide the same benefits.

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Our Process

Our endgame is to create a porous, continuously draining environment — ensuring dry foundation walls. Here’s how we’ll get the job done right…

  • Excavate a 24″-30” wide trench around the foundation to remove all non-porous dirt.
  • Seal walls, preventing future moisture from entering and eroding the home’s foundation.
  • Completely replace drainage pipes in the affected area.
  • Backfilling with washed gravel/limestone to provide perfect water drainage.

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